Planning an exotic island wedding? Consider the truly unforgetable and unique possibilities that the enchanting Cayman islands have to offer.

Getting Married in the Cayman Islands - Cayman Islands weddings

Experience your dream wedding - get married in this tropical paradise

For couples looking to plan an exotic island wedding, the Cayman Islands offers something few destinations can match. Experience barefoot elegance that promises to make your big day truly remarkable and unforgetable. Whether you’re planning a large church wedding for hundreds or an intimate beachfront ceremony for 2, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac afford the locations, activities and attractions to make your experience unique. And, with wedding professionals ready to help you with everything from floral arrangements to legal requirements, getting married in these beautiful islands couldn’t be easier.

Legal Requirements

Visitors to the Cayman Islands can get married on the day they arrive, including passengers arriving on cruise ships. However, you are advised to make arrangements in advance to facilitate paperwork and all required details. A special licence will be granted by the Governor for non-resident couples. You should make arrangements for a Cayman Islands marriage officer before applying for the licence. Other requirements include proper documentation proving citizenship and age (passport or birth certificate) and marital status (proof of legal divorce decree or death certificate if spouse has died, if applicable); Immigration pink slip showing legal entry into the Cayman Islands or documentation proving visitors is a passenger on a cruise ship. The minimum legal age for getting married without parental consent is 18 years.

All marriages must be attended by a marriage officer and by two other witnesses. Marriages must take place between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.Note that liquor licensing laws state that live music must not be played on Sunday in places licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.

The fee of CI$150 (US$180), together with a $10 postage stamp, must accompany the documents. Stamps may be purchased from the government office or from any post office. Applications should be filed at:

The Deputy Chief Secretary's office,
3rd floor of the Government Administration Building
George Town, Grand Cayman
Telephone 345-244-2222

or at:

Tthe District Commissioner's office
Government Administration Building
Cayman Brac
Telephone 345-948-2222.

The licence must be produced to the marriage officer performing the ceremony and becomes void if not used within three months.

Let Your Imagination Run Free

The size and scope of a wedding ceremony in the Cayman Islands is limited only by your imagination. Couples can opt for a traditional wedding in a quaint chapel, stately church or luxury resort. Or, for a more local flavor, consider getting married amidst the tropical gardens of the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, or overlooking the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea at Pedro St. James castle. For a more intimate ceremony, couples can choose to marry on a stretch of powdery white sand along famous Seven Mile Beach, or just above the amazing crystal clear water on the pier at legendary Rum Point. For a more unique wedding ceremony, shackle the ball and chain on a pirate ship, complete with pirates in the rigging and canons blazing! Or how about getting married under the Caribbean Sea - in a submarine or with your dive gear on - with fish, sea turtles or even stingrays amongst your witnesses.

Cayman Wedding Brochure

A Cayman Wedding brochure entitled Getting Married in the Cayman Islands and containing complete guidelines and information is available from Government Information Services, Cricket Square, Grand Cayman. Ph: (345) 949-8092.