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Before you contact us with any questions, please take the time to read the various pages on this web site, as the answers to most common questions are included within the web site – either in the FAQ’s shown here, on each individual resort page, or in the general info/map pages.

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Reservation / Booking FAQ


How do I check availability?

Our web site contains both automated capable and non automated resorts, so there are a couple of options for you.

For Automated Properties: Use the availability search form at the top left of the condo directory page or of each resort page with those capabilities. Our booking system ties directly into each resort office, so you can check multiple resorts at once (from the directory page) and see exactly what is available. NOTE: We are currently updating our automated booking system and it should be back online by April 2024.

For Non-Automated Properties: Use our inquiry form to tell us about what you are looking for, and we'll provide availability and suggest other alternatives if necessary. Tell us as much as you can, as the more we know, the easier it is for us to narrow in on the most appropriate choice for your needs!

Is it “live” availability?

Yes, as live as is possible. At the moment that you hit the “Find Available Choices” button, our booking system pulls data directly out of each resort’s management computer for the latest up to the minute “availability”, puts the data together from the various resorts and displays it on the screen for you within seconds. It is the exact same availability you would get if you called each individual resort or villa directly. If you use the availablility search form on a specific resort page, it will display the available choices at that resort only.

If I book, when do I receive a confirmation?

Your reservation # will be displayed on the computer screen seconds after you complete (and submit) the reservation form. It can’t be any easier !! Once the resort recieves notification of the booking (also immediately), they will then process the deposit and you will be emailed an official confirmation or a rental agreement that (for some resorts) needs to be signed and returned.

Are there any hidden charges or booking fees?

No. None at all. What you see displayed is what you pay.

How many condos are bookable on this web site?

The exact number keeps changing as we add more, but by April 2024, we will have 400+ condo units “live” in the automated booking system. We have another couple of hundred that are not automated, but still bookable via manual request forms.

How much is the tax and service charges – it doesn’t seem to be the same amount for each resort?

All accommodations in the Cayman Islands are subject to a 13% government tax. On top of that, each property can charge a “service charge” which can vary from zero up to 10%. Most condo resorts charge 6-7%. This service charge amount is determined by each individual property, so there is no “standard” amount.

When I book, who charges my credit card?

All charges are made by the rental management company that manages the condo or villa you are booking. This is usually the resort office itself (if the resort is self managed) or a 3rd party property management company. Cayaman Vacations does not charge any fees and we never processes any charges ourselves.

How much of a deposit is required?

This varies with each resort and season. See the individual resort’s page or view the deposit policy for your chosen resort as you are completing the booking process – the correct rules will be displayed as you fill in the reservation form.

Who do I get a refund from if I cancel?

As above, the resort or property management company itself handles all charges and refunds. CayDirect does not handle payments at all.

When do I have to cancel by?

This also varies with each resort and even each season. See the cancellation rules displayed on the individual resort page. Or you can also view this information on the booking form as you work through the reservation process. The correct cancellation rules will be displayed for the resort and season that you are booking.

What credit cards are accepted?

This also varies with each resort. As we do not charge your card, it is the individual resort office (or management company) that determines which credit cards are accepted. You can see which cards are accepted on each resort page… or you can go thru the booking process until you come to the payment screen, and it will indicate which cards are accepted for the payment that is due for that booking. Visa and MasterCard are accepted by all condo resorts and villas. American Express and Discover are not as widely accepted, but there are still quite a few that do accept both of those cards.

Who do we talk to if there is a problem with our condo?

Your 1st course of action if you arrive and have a problem with the condo, is to contact the on-site rental manager, as it is their job for the daily cleaning and maintenance of the condo unit. However, if you try that and are not happy with the response, you are welcome to contact us and we will talk with the rental manager to help try to correct the issue. In this case we would act as a liason between the property manager and the guest.

How long has Cayman Vacations been in business?

We have been renting condos in the Cayman Islands online since January of 1999.

Is Cayman Vacations trustworthy?

Absolutely! We have been renting out condominiums in the Cayman Islands since 1999, we are well known and respected by every condo manager and have helped many thousands of guests find accommodations on the island.


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Resort FAQ


Where should we stay?

Where to stay is a very individual choice and will vary depending on your needs. At we don't try to push you to book one particular area or one specific resort, as every guest's needs are different. In web forums we often see "experts" recommending a specific resort based on their own preferences and not on what the person inquiring has stated. Our goal with and is to make it easier for potential visitors to find a suitable condo on their own, that meets their preferences and budget. However, if you need our help, we are here to help you and will help guide you towards finding the condo that meets your needs &budget - not someone elses!

Choosing where to stay is a big decision and we recommend that you take the time necessary to research the choices. and are designed to help you do this. Use the links on the left to find some good tools that will help you in your search.

There is a condo directory that gives you a very good overview of the many condo options and allows you to easily compare the facilities, price range, location and types of units offered at each condo resort. On the condo directory page, there is a location map showing where everything is located, and an area information section so you can determine which area(s) appeal to you. Use the condo directory to find the resorts you like, and then view more detailed info on each specific resort that interests you. Use our automated availability search to check exact availability and rates - either for multiple resorts or for a specific resort only. No guessing, no waiting when you use our automated search form!!

If you find a condo you like and just want to verify that you have chosen the right one, use our inquiry form to let us know your choice and your requirements and/or any questions you have, and we will be happy to verify your choice or suggest another condo that might suit you better.

Are there any all-inclusive resorts?

Not in the true sense.... though this type of property is popular in other destinations, there are no true all-inclusive resorts in the Cayman Islands. Generally, there are so many excellent restaurants on Seven Mile Beach, that it would be a shame to force you to eat all of your meals at one place, so all-inclusive resorts just don't make sense in that area. Beach Club Colony was an older all-inclusive resort on Seven Mile Beach, but it was torn down years ago and a new luxury condo complex is being built in its location.

On Grand Cayman, a couple of hotels do offer a meal option, and the Reef Resort on the island's East End offers an "all inclusive" option. Likewise, a couple of resorts on Little Cayman and Cayman Brac offer meal plans and may also include a drink or 2 in the plan, but they are not at all like the typical mega all-inclusive property that one often associates with the term "all inclusive resort".

Are childcare or babysitting services available in our condo?

Yes, you will find numerous babysitting and daycare services available on the island. However, it is generally suggested that you check with your hotel or condo manager to see what services they have available or recommend. They often have a set company that they use, who is familiar with and trusted by the resort staff.

Do we need to bring a crib for our infant?

No, all condo resorts offer free use of cribs and high chairs. Some use full size cribs, while others may use "pack n play" type cribs. If that is important to you, check directly with the resort to see what they have.

Can we rent baby gear or beach toys?

Yes, at Empty Suitcases, you can rent car infant seats, strollers, cribs, high chairs, baby monitors, beach toys, floaties, beach umbrellas, paddle boards, kayaks and much more. If you don't want to pack it with you, contact Empty Suitcases for all your needs.

Are beach towels included in my condo?

Yes - all properties provide towels, linens, beach towels, toilet paper, and basic cleaning supplies to guests. Exact in-unit amenities vary from resort to resort, but generally all condos are fully equipped apartments, ready for you to move in. You just need to bring your own personal toiletries of course, as well as clothing and any other "personal" items.

Is there daily housekeeping?

This varies, but most condos include daily housekeeping, though some exclude Sundays and National Holidays. Some properties have environmental policies whereby they only change your towels every 3rd day or when you specifically leave them out to be changed. This helps save water and is good for our environment.

Villas may only offer housekeeping a couple of times per week.

What are the airport transfer options?

Taxi fares from the airport are a fixed rate, either per person or per vehicle and will be posted at the taxi dispatch stand at the airport. Limos can be hired by the hour for up to 10 passengers.

Cars/Jeeps/Vans can also be rented by the day or week and are a great way for you to not only get from the airport to your accommodation, but also to see a bit of the island while you are here.

You can find more information on all of these options here.

Who do we talk to if there is a problem with our condo?

Your 1st course of action if you arrive and have a problem with the condo, is to contact the on-site rental manager, as it is their job for the daily cleaning and maintenance of the condo unit. However, if you try that and are not happy with the response, you are welcome to contact us and we will talk with the rental manager to help try to correct the issue. In this case we would act as a liason between the property manager and the guest.

Island Information FAQ


Do I need a passport to enter the Cayman Islands ?

Yes, as of January 2007, ALL passengers to/from the Caribbean will need to carry a valid passport from their country of citizenship. This includes infants!

Are there airport ground transfers?

The Cayman government oversees the airport transportation system. There are flat rates, depending on your resort's location, posted at the airport. These range from about $10ci up to about $25ci to most 7 Mile Beach hotels/condos. You buy a ticket from the taxi desk, and they assign you a taxi or mini bus which takes you to your resort. No advance reservations required. An alternate choice is to rent a car.

Most of the resorts on Little Cayman and Cayman Brac include your airport ground transfers in their rates.

What currency is used in the Cayman Islands?

The national currency is the CI$. It is pegged to the US$ at an official exchange rate of $.82 US=$1.00 CI. The cash exchange rate is .$80 US=$1.00 CI. US$ or CI$ can be used at all retail establishments. ATMs abound &credit cards are also accepted.

What type of electricity is used?

The Cayman Islands electrical system runs on 110 volts and uses a 3in plug outlet/receptacle. This is the same current and plug utilized by the United States and Canada.

What's the difference between Stingray City and the Sandbar?

These are actually two Stingray City locations nearby one another. The Sandbar site is where most tours visit and is easily accessible to everyone. The water is quite shallow water and can be enjoyed by all - young, old, non swimmers, etc. The Dive Site, which is the original Stingray City location, is deeper water and is better suited for divers and snorkelers.

How many cruise ships will be in port during my stay?

Cruise arrivals vary seasonally. Check the following for your dates.
Cruise Ship Schedule

Will my cell / Mobile Phone work in the Cayman Islands?

CDMA (Grand Cayman only) or GSM/EDGE (1900/850 or 1800/900 MHz) roaming is available. You are advised to contact your carrier directly to confirm what the roaming charges, if any, are. Phone rentals and prepaid SIM cards are also available on island.

Is there WIFI available throughout the islands?

Almost all resorts, condos and private homes now offer either WiFi or hard wired DSL internet. There is usually no charge for this at most properties, though some hotels may still charge a small fee. Many cafe's also offer WiFi hot spots. Speeds can vary depending on the internet provider and the location on island, so it may not be as fast as you have back home. Generally though, you can bring your laptop, tablet or smart phone and find internet access without too much effort.

Are mosquito's and other bugs a problem?

There are mosquitoes and other insect pests on island, but they are much better controlled in Cayman than on many other Caribbean Islands and they're not likely to ruin your holiday. Generally, insects are more noticeable in the evening hours, when it starts to cool off a little. If you like to sit outside after sunset, insects can (at times) be bothersome. Many properties do offer screened-in patios/balconies, so if you are particularly sensitive or annoyed by insects, consider a property with a screened-in patio or balcony. For most people though, insects are not noticeable at all during the day and may (at times) be a minor annoyance when spending an evening outside.

What will the weather be like?

Check out the local Weather Forecast

When is hurricane season?

The official hurricane season is from June through November, but the most likely months for a hurricane are August thru October.

Does it rain all the time in hurricane season?

During that time, you can get very mixed weather.... and can certainly get an entire week of nothing but sunshine. Mostly though, during rainy season it is typically sunny and warm with some short but intense rain showers. We suggest you check the weather forecast each morning and then plan your day accordingly. If rain is forecast for the afternoon, plan to eat lunch and do some shopping or other indoor activities for the forecasted rainy periods. When sun is forecast, head to the beach, plan a sightseeing tour or try out one of the many exciting water sports or other activities available in the Cayman Islands.

What do we do in the case of a hurricane?

The Cayman Islands has sophisticated hurricane tracking equipment and there is usually good warning before a hurricane comes even close to the islands. Tourists are usually evactuated if a hurricane is expected to hit the island, and there are hurricane shelters in all districts of the island where residents or any wayward tourists can hole up in during a hurricance. The last hurricane to hit the island was Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

Is the island safe - what about crime?

Crime and petty theft can occur, just like anywhere in the world. However, it should not be a major concern for most tourists, as the Cayman Islands are generally very safe and crime is not a major concern. The crime rate is probably lower on island than it is in your own city. Just like anywhere else, visitors should be aware of their surroundings and not forget their common sense just because they are on holiday. Also, theft of belongings from rental cars and along the beach does occur; so visitors should lock their car doors when parking, keep valuables out of sight and do not leave valuables unattended on the beach.

What is the standard of living in the Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Islands have the highest standard of living in the Caribbean.

Will vendors or huskers try to sell me stuff on the beach?

No. Beach vendors/huskers are not permitted in the Cayman Islands, so you can enjoy your day without someone trying to sell you something!

Is bartering standard practice like some other islands?

No. Bartering is not generally practiced on island, especially in stores in George Town or on Seven Mile Beach. You may be able to negotiate a better price in certain situations or in less visited areas, but bartering is not the standard like on some other islands.

Staying in a condo - should we bring our own groceries?

Short answer: No. There are several large modern supermarkets on Grand Cayman and you can find pretty much everything here that you can buy back home. Prices are a bit higher in the Cayman Islands as everything has to be shipped in, but prices are not exorbitant or unreasonable compared to the USA, Canada or UK. Bringing your own groceries is possible, but not the most practical. Bringing any food items will take up space in your baggage, could cause delays upon arrival, and is probably more trouble than it is worth. All food items have to be inspected and approved by the agriculture department upon arrival on island. Certain products also have to be certified before you leave home, and all products must be in their original packaging with unbroken seals. For the trouble involved, I would not recommend that you bring food into the Cayman Islands, unless it is a product that you absolutely cannot do without.

What is the grocery selection like?

You can find a wide variety of all products here. You will find fresh meats, dairy products, fresh seafood, bakery goods, fruit, vegetables and many major brands of canned or boxed goods, just like you have back home. Of course, not all brands will be available or the same you are used to, but you shouldn't have much trouble finding a suitable substitute. There are several large modern supermarkets on Seven Mile Beach, and others near the airport, in Red Bay (south coast) and in East End, so you should have no problem grocery shopping and stocking your condo with everything you need.

I'm a celiac, can I get gluten free products in Cayman?

Yes! Special diet products are readily available - including gluten free products, lactose free products and more.

Can I buy drugs/medicine if the need arises?

Yes, pharmaceuticals are available at any pharmacy (drug store). Most supermarkets have a pharmacy section with the typical selection of pills, ointments, lotions, etc.

What is the legal drinking age?


What if I get sick?

There are 2 excellent hospitals on the island
Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial is a small, private hospital that assists in meeting the needs of the community.
Cayman Islands Hospital is the primary health care facility in the Cayman Islands. Run by the Health Services Authority, a governmental organization, this 124 bed facility include emergency services as well as numerous specialities including orthopaedics, neurology, psychiatry, cardiology, pediatrics, internal medicine, and obstetrics.

There are also numerous private clinics and government-run district health centres scattered around Grand Cayman to serve your needs including TrinCay, Seven Mile Clinic, and Cayman Clinic in George Town.

Both Cayman Brac and Little Cayman provide medical services as well in the event of an emergency.

Patients who cannot be treated in the Cayman Islands can be airlifted out to Miami.

Are there nude beaches?

No, public nudity is not allowed in the Cayman islands.

Are there any casinos?

No, there are no casinos and gambling is illegal in the Cayman Islands.

Can Cayman Vacations send me some brochures?

We do not carry copies of the brochures for each resort. Our web site is designed to be an online brochure for each resort. In fact, in most cases our web page for each resort contains more information than the resorts actual printed brochure! If you read over the resort pages on our web site, but still have questions about a particular resort, just let us know and we will be happy to answer your questions. If you need brochures or maps, or have any general questions about visiting the Cayman Islands, please contact the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.